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About us

We are a rapidly growing information technology organization of new generation, with a mission to develop the world's best online internet applications. We believe in dedication and honesty, and committed to create fast, reliable, useful and robust applications.

In line to proceed towards our mission we have recently launched an outstanding online matrimonial service. It is a comprehensive featured matrimonial service with state of the art intelligent match finding technology. It will not only enable users to create the comprehensive profile with photo album but also provide them optional unique add on features like Compatibility Analysis, Astro Analysis, Personal Interviews, Mobile Messaging, Video Chat, etc. We are still looking forward to add more and more easy, useful and user-friendly features in our service to make it one of the best online matrimonial services in the world.

Before starting the development we did a lot of research on the user requirements and available services in the market, during this analysis we realized that there is a lot of scope for improvement in the features provided by other websites on the internet. We have added features in our services with a caution to not increase the complexity of the application.

We have designed our application architecture in such a way that we can expand our application easily. Our next target is Globalization of the service,  which means our service will be available in various different languages and culture specific, we are planning to release our website in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu languages by the end of this year.

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